Two simultaneous exhibitions during the month of photography in Berlin.
The first one:
"Silk" was curated by Andreas B Krueger at the Wilner Brauerei
I exhibited  « Remanence wall CH-1982 - GE-2013 - FR- 2013-2014 - LA -2015» which first layer form was presented at Kûnstlerhaus Bethanian in 2013 in the Tarantel 1 show. The installation travelled to Paris where it was inverted and turned into a wallpaper and the wall of that show was then cut out and travelled to LA where the polls were blown up and nailed on the wall.
Instead of capturing the subject I hope to reverse the photographic act, extend it and create its echo. I am not here to take the subject, but to leave it. The installation is a research process and I am hoping to confirm my idea that if the author remains distant, the art creates itself more freely and find its own identity. 
Secondly, I installed three of giant « invisible wall » re-photographs on the floor. 
I re-appropriate and re-photograph with my phone press photographs on the screen of my computer. I then appropriated other pieces I found on site and they became part of my installations. 
The second exhibition:
"Party Pooper" curated by Marc Franzkowiak at the Franzkowiak and Westphal artproject space, where I exhibited a selection of photographs linked by the randomness that brought them together. I decided to present them a one singular piece to objectify them.